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2023 Holiday Menu

We are taking Christmas & New Year's Eve preorders through IG DMs and phone in.

Last day for Christmas preorders ends on Dec.20th.

Last day for New Year's Eve preorders ends on Dec.29th.

Holiday Open Hours:

Dec. 20th-23rd Regular Hours

Dec.24th 11-3 

Dec.25th-26th Closed 

Dec.27th-30th Regular Hours

Dec.31st 11-4

Jan.1st Closed


Holiday Shortbread Pack

Newest addition to our holiday cookie packs. 12 pieces of assorted

mini sized hand pipped shortbread.


Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha.


Holiday Cookie Jar

320g of mini sized homemade store signature cookies.


Vanilla Shortbread, Orange Cranberry Shortbread, Oatmeal Black sesame Cookies, Peanut butter Cookies.


Holiday Cookie Tin

12 pieces assorted regular sized holiday themed cookies.

Flavors: Vanilla Shortbread

( Snowflake ), Orange Cranberry Shortbread ( Mittens ), Matcha

Shortbread( Xmas Tree ),

Double Chocolate Cookies, Thumb Print Cookies, Oatmeal Blacksesame.



Crepe Cake
About 25 layers of buttery crepes, flavored silky cream in each layer


Newest concept for our holiday menu this year.

2 of For Us signatures beautifully blend in together.

Bailey's Crown Crepe Cake

Bailey's white chocolate filling in each layer of crepes, topped with mini vanilla cream puffs with top dipped in dark chocolate.



6" Cake: +12 mini cream puffs ( 8-10 servings ) $105 

8.5" Cake: +18 mini cream puffs ( 12-16 servings ) $130

Strawberry Tiramisu Crepe Cake

Fresh strawberry puree with cream cheese in the filling, topped with cocoa powder with ladyfinger cookies.

Per Slice: $10.75

6" Cake : $69 (3-5 servings )

8.5" Cake: $86 (8-10 servings )

Red Bean Milk Tea Crepe Cake

Coarse red bean blend in the filling, with earl grey tea infused cream, topped with tapioca bubbles.

Per Slice : $10.50

6" Cake: $67 ( 3-5 servings )

8.5" Cake : $84 ( 8-10 servings )

Gingerbread Dulce de Leche Crepe Cake 

House blend gingerbread spices with dulce de leche cream in each layer of crepes.

Per Slice: $9.85

6" Cake: $62 ( 3-5 servings )

8.5" Cake: $78 ( 8-10 servings )


Cream Puffs

Cream Puff Wreath

Newest addition to our holiday menu.

Making our signature assorted mini cream into a holiday wreath, perfect for family and friends gatherings.

Small: 15 mini cream puffs $45

Large: 30 mini cream puffs $86


Kahlua Banana Pudding Cream Puff


New holiday special:

chunks of banana with Kahlua infused cream, beautiful twist in a classic dessert.

Honey Pecan Whisky Cream Puff

New holiday special:

honey instead of sugar in the cream, with pecan praline and whisky in the filling.

Matcha Pistachio Cream Puff


New holiday special :

premium Japanese matcha powder with pistachio paste in the filling.

Eggnog Cream Puff

One of our classic holiday flavors. We infuse the cream with eggnog, super creamy and silky.

Ferrero Rocher Cream Puff

One of our signature holiday flavors.

Combined with 100% hazelnut paste, roasted hazelnuts and cocoa powder in the filling, topped with dark chocolate ganache and brush of edible gold.

For Us Classic Flavors:

Vanilla $4.75

Matcha $5.25

Oreo $5.25

Earl Grey $5.25

Package Deals


Classic Package 

( 3 or less Holiday Flavors in a 6 package )

6 Pack $32.95

12 Pack $63.95

18 Pack $93.95

24 Pack $122.95

30 Pack $149.95

Holiday Package

( Your choice of any flavors )

6 Pack $38.95

12 Pack $75.95

18 Pack $111.95

24 Pack $146.95

30 Pack $180.95

Holiday Flavors:

Kahlua Banana Pudding $6.75

Honey Pecan Whisky $7.25

Matcha Pistachio $6.75

Eggnog $6.25

Ferrero Rocher $7.75

Candy Cane $5.95

Mini Cream Puffs Package 

( Your choice of any flavors above )

6 Pack $17.50

12 Pack $33.95

18 Pack $49.95

24 Pack $65.95

30 Pack $81.50

Tarts & Pies

Strawberry White Chocolate Mousse Tart 


New Holiday Special:

white chocolate mousse with fresh strawberry puree.

Homemade buttery tart shells.

Per Slice $8.50

Full Sized $68 ( 8-10 servings )

Chocolate Hazelnut Tarts


New holiday special:

milk chocolate mousse combined with 100% hazelnut paste, rich, nutty and dreamy.

Per Slice $8.95

Full Sized $70 ( 8-10 servings )

Raspberry Pistachio Tart 

One of our fav tarts, layered with raspberry jam, pistachio white chocolate mousse, topped with salted crushed pistachio and chantilly cream.


Per Slice $8.50

Full Sized $68 ( 8-10 servings )

Salted Caramel Rosemary

Pecan Tart

Traditional pecan tart with a twist, perfect addition for this nutty tart.

Per Slice : $7.50

Full Sized : $60 ( 8-10 servings )

Maple Pumpkin Pie 

Traditional pumpkin pie with organic maple syrup instead of sugar in the filling, with homemade flaky pie crust.

Full Sized ONLY 

$38 ( 6-8 servings )

Cheesecakes & Cheese Tarts



Bailey's $4.25

Biscoff $3.95

Gingerbread $3.95

Vanilla $3.75

Strawberry $4.25

Matcha $4.25

Cheese Tarts 

Original $3.75

Oreo $3.95

Earl Grey $4.25

Eggnog $4.25

Package Deal 

Your choice of any mix and match of cheesecakes and cheese tarts.

6 Pack $23.95

12 Pack $45.95

18 Pack $67.95

24 Pack $88.95

30 Pack $108.95

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